Telling Stories With Music:

Adam Irizarry started as a child prodigy, playing piano proficiently by ear at the age of two and a half, and formally studying classically at the age of five. He received a Bachelor's Degree in music from Manhattan School Of Music, and has been composing and songwriting since his teen years. Adam is also an accomplished pop/rock tenor singer. See the songwriting page on this website to listen to his original songs (As a singer/songwriter, Adam goes by the artist name "Adam Michaelson") 

Also a well studied actor who has appeared on Broadway and in several films, Adam appreciates the vision of a director, the intent of a writer, and the importance of dialog, character development, and the fluid exchange of emotion. As a composer, Adam strives to find the "rhythm" of these elements, and the "sweet spot" where the music lifts them, but doesn't distract from them. Adam's credits on IMDB can be seen here:

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